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    We catch moths at lighted windows, and in Summer 2007 from a sap flow at an oak just outside our back door. We take macro photos of the moths; before March 2011, we used a Fujifilm FinePix S7000, now using Canon EOS 5D Mk II with MP-E65 lens. Our location is by the sea in a well-wooded garden in NW Scotland. So far we have identified 210 macro-moth species.

    From 22 June 2009 we have started using a 60W twin-tube Actinic Robinson trap, from Anglian Lepidopterist Supplies. This has caught over 30 species on each occasion so far, and several new species.

    To identify our moths, and find other information, we use "Field Guide to the Moths of Great Britain and Ireland", by Paul Waring and Martin Townsend; illustrated by Richard Lewington; ISBN 0-9531399-2-1; published by British Wildlife Publishing. This shows all the macromoths as they sit naturally, not as dead mounted specimens.

    Our identifications have been confirmed (or corrected) by our County moth recorder, Brian Neath, in conjunction with Roy Leverton, Highland moth expert and author of the book Enjoying Moths.

    We aim to show 2 or more pictures of each species, but have over 6000 pictures to choose from.
    The pictures may be of the same specimen, or different - even if caught the same night. Or they may be on different (month) pages.

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    Our Moth Photos

    Here are two alphabetical lists of what we've caught so far -
    common names order with links to the pictures; and
    Latin names order -

    Moths and Ivy

    A list of moths which use ivy is here

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